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Hi, My name is Maxime, I'm French born in the city of Caen. I am a new actor in Hong Kong and in all the world. To know me more I will reply to five quick question.
Why I want to be an actor ?
Since I am very young I always attract by the cinema, the tv and stage acting. I knew I would become an actor after participate to stage acting at school but I always hesitate to really do it.
What's my experience ?
I have a really little experience in acting in a student documentary that I produced with a group of classmate and I produced few different video on Youtube that I MC
Which language I talk ?
French my native Language, English, I know a little few words of Cantonese and Japanese
What kind of movies I like ?
I like action movies, Science fiction and Comedy. 
Who's my dream actor with I would like to act in a movie ?
Jean Dujardin (French actor known for The Artist)
Jean Reno (French actor known for Leon)
Vin Diesel (USA actor known for Fast & Furious saga)
Johnny Depp (USA actor known for Edward Scissorhands)
Chow Yun Fat (HK Actor known for Hard Boiled)
I hope this little introduction will help you to know me more and I hope to see you soon.



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